Sunday, January 25, 2015

About Golf

The About Golf Simulator was one of the best overall products we saw at the show. They are the "Official Golf Simulator" of the PGA Tour, and the simulator used live on The Golf Channel's Morning Drive. Both of those honors are well justified.

The About Golf Simulator is accurate, utilizing their proprietary 3Trak ball and club tracking technology. 3Trak's high-speed, 3D camera placed above the golfer captures and measures 27 points of ball and club data. Unlike many systems that require multiple pieces of technology to capture so much data, the About Golf Simulator's 3Trak camera is able to do so alone. Perhaps the only negative is that marked balls are required to provide the most accurate spin readings.

About Golf 3Trak ceiling mounted camera
 About Golf's simulator has multiple teaching features as well. Pressure plates built into the floor read weight shift, balance, and tempo, and can be displayed graphically on the screen in real time. Secondary cameras can be placed beside or behind the golfer and linked into the system to use video analysis in addition to launch data. About Golf will track your practice or play sessions, club fittings, and lessons, which can be easily shared amongst your friends or with your pro. The separate fitting mode in the simulator is exceptional. It tracks dispersion data, and allows your fitter to compare different results over one or multiple sessions. Want to know if that new driver really is going farther? We have your data from your old one, and can overlay the display with the results from the new one.

About Golf Fitting Screen

Simulated rounds of golf, and simulated range time are absolute joys on the About Golf Simulator. The interface is easy to use, the graphics are excellent, and the ball response is fast. Shot tracking seemed very accurate, all the way down to chipping and putting. Your practice session can be fully customized with selected targets, shots, and skills challenges. With over 55 courses and 8 ranges available, there are plenty of places to play and shots to challenge yourself with. About Golf also allows a player to create a custom set of tees for a simulated round. Your son or daughter can play from tees that are 20-120 yards away from the green, while you play from the tips. This customization plus the next great feature AGPortal, make About Golf the most family oriented simulator on the market.

About Golf Simulator Range

AGPortal is truly what we felt set About Golf Simulators above the rest. AGPortal is a home screen for the simulator software that gives the user many great options other than playing golf. You can watch Netflix, listen to Pandora, surf the internet, store pictures, watch live T.V, and play awesome family golf games. Picture in picture T.V. and Pandora are both available while you are playing a simulated round. There is also a news scroll at the bottom of the screen that can be turned on or off while you are practicing or playing. Sim Golf Night with the guys? Keep up with the basketball scores instantly. Throw Spongebob on the PIP while you hit range balls and I bet little Johnny will sit still.
Or, if you want to bring the whole family in on the fun, AGPortal offers mini-golf games, golf skills games and even Skeeball, played by actually putting into the simulator. These seemed a little strange at first, but were incredibly fun and addicting to play.

Overall, the About Golf Simulator was amazing, and was definitely my favorite simulator of the PGA Show. The combination of its teaching and fitting abilities, with fantastic simulation, entertainment, and games make it the most versatile simulator available. About Golf's Simulators are built custom to spec, and generally cost between $48,000 and $55,000.


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